Main Sports Hall

Space and versatility...


We have 14 'Tiger Turff'  synthetic carpet courts. Each has markings for tennis, netball and indoor soccer/futsal.

In the main hall we have 4 timber floor courts with markings for basketball, netball and volleyball. One wooden court also has markings for a roller derby track and another markings for handball. The More FM Arena aslo has another 3 wooden courts, giving us a total of 7. 

The main hall has 14 400 square metres of floor space (72m x 200m) and has 3 roller door access points for loading in and out if required.

Our Centre can be set up to provide a maximum of:

  • 14 tennis courts or
  • 7 basketball courts or
  • 21 netball courts or
  • 10 volleyball courts or
  • 16 soccer courts

Our 14 ' turf courts'.

Our 4 wooden courts in the main hall.