Taxi offer for schools

Getting from school to the Edgar Centre

A new initiative developed by the Edgar Centre, in conjunction with their brand partner, Dunedin Taxis, will see the taxi firm offering special discounted fares from intermediate and secondary schools around Dunedin to help support children and teens to get to the Centre for their various sports. 

The initiative has been launched to help support families, many of them with both parents working, to help get children to the Centre, without the need for parents to take additional time off work for school pick ups, travel to the Centre, the pressure to find a park, and then wait for the game to start.  Each school has been allocated a special code that can be quoted at the time of booking, and if families choose to work in together and share the ride with extra passengers, the costs are reduced even further.

The initiative is being promoted out to local schools, and via the sports organisations who hold their competitions within the Centre.   While initially, intermediate and secondary schools are targeted, the programme can be expanded out to primary schools should there be demand. Taxis can be pre-ordered and paid in advance, and will meet children at the school to take them directly to the Centre.

More information, rates, and booking codes for schools below: