Is there a better way to get fit and active before the outdoor Touch season starts - than a fun, fast  run around indoors? Get yourself, friends and work-mates organised - whether it be a competitive or social , mixed or mens team and register now! 

The Indoor Touch Competition will commence on Friday July 21st 2017.
The Edgar Centre Indoor Touch League is an affiliated module of Otago Touch. This allows the players to be eligible for all Touch New Zealand courses and teams. Otago Touch Association Referees will control all games.
The first games will be scheduled to start at 6pm, and in 30 minute blocks thereafter. Please be ready to start your games on time.
The Draw for each weeks matches will be available on our website, and a draw will be sent to teams who supply e-mails addresses.
Please make sure your team members are aware of the time they are playing

UNIFORM: Teams must wear a common coloured shirt, preferably with a number on it. This helps referees with communication.


1.  Teams are 4-a-side (with a maximum of of 5 subs). Players are restricted to playing for a maximum of 2 teams per night.
2.  Mixed teams are required to have 2 females on the field for the duration of the game.
3. Teams are unable to use players from other teams without the consent of the opposition team captain (on appeal of this rule being
infringed - forfeiture of points will result). Each Team is required to supply a team list.
4. Standard Touch rules apply. The forcing of the ball now applies to indoor touch for scoring.
5. The Edgar Centre supports all
referees  rulings. Please respect their decisions.

The Cost

A team registration fee of $50 is to be paid by each team before the start of the competition.
The weekly door charge is:
   Players:  Adult $4.50
   Child: $2.50
   Spectator: No Charge

Concession cards can be used. (This can save 10-30% on entry fees)
Players attempting to enter as spectators and then playing will be suspended from indoor touch for the following match.


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