Children's Birthday Parties

Children's Birthday Parties

The Edgar Centre is a fantastic venue for having  a birthday party! We offer a range of activities and options, to suit any budget and age range.Our friendly and helpful staff ensure your party is a special and fun occasion for your son or daughter.

Please see below for information in regards to pricing and the different types of party options that we can offer. If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate too e-mail for further details.


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Choose Party Area:

-All parties are 'BYO food'

1) Small Courtside Picnic set up incluedes hire of court                                        $100

Includes trestle table + tables/chairs for up to 16 children + seating for up to 10 adults + tarp.

Under 7's  for 2 hours

7 and over for 2 hours

2) Large Courtside Picnic set up includes hire of court                                         $120

Includes trestle table + tables/chairs for up to 32 children + seating for up to 20 adults + tarps

Under 7's for 2 hours

7 and over for 2 hours

3) Private Party Lounge includes court hire   = $120

Includes trestle table+ tables/chairs for up to 14 children + seating for up to 4 adults. Suitable for 6 years or over. Also includes 2 hours court hire at the same time

Choose Party Activity:

2) Sports Party                                                          

Includes court hire to play sport or do activities. No charge if booked with Party Lounge or picnic set up 

1 hour hire   $30

2 hour hire   $50


2) Bike Course (bring your own bikes)

Includes Ramps, signs and cones on court

2 hours        $30

Bike Hire (up to 10 bikes) $20  


3) Bouncy Castle 

Set up ready on court.

-Small     $180

-Large     $230

-Deluxe   $270



 4) Hosted Party

Includes 1 hour hosted party. Choose up to 2 sports with a minimum of 8 children.

$10 per child

5) Zorbs (7-14 years)

Suitable for 7 to 14 year olds. One hour with 10 balls. Additional balls $10 each

 $200 hosted or $150 unhosted