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Important Notice- Edgar Centre Seismic Strengthening

21st June 2018

Important Notice- Edgar Centre Seismic Strengthening

You may have seen media coverage recently about the Edgar Centre being an “earthquake prone” building.


This description has understandably caused some public concern about the Centre and whether it is safe to use in its current state. In short, yes it is safe. Under normal, day to day conditions the Edgar Centre is as safe now as it has always been.


Earthquake prone buildings are not the same as dangerous buildings. A dangerous building would have been closed by Dunedin City Council.


As the building owner, the Dunedin City Council, want to reassure you that the Edgar Centre is a not a dangerous building


The Council have no immediate concerns about the safety of the public or users of the facility. However, the building does have some issues relating to seismic strengthening (what you do to modify a building to make it more resistant to seismic activity, like ground motion caused by an earthquake). We are working with the Council to address these issues as efficiently as possible.


Council is developing an information fact sheet giving more information about the building, and their plans to undertake seismic strengthening work on the Edgar Centre. This fact sheet will be available from our Reception desk early July.

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