Recent Improvements

9th February 2017

1.     Arena varnished. Over January and into February all 3 courts in the Arena were re-varnished with polyurethane. The courts are now able to be used, but an odour will still linger for a week or two. This is usually done every 3 years or so and costs over  $20K to do. Next year we plan to do Courts 4 and 5, over a similar period, and the following year 6 and 7.

2.     Arena entrance and Hallway re- painted.  Better colour scheme and a fresh look.

3.     Concrete floor painted. The concrete floor in front of courts 12 to 20 has been painted grey. With the arrival of new mobile seating (see below) this will enhance the overall look of the main hall and hopefully reduce litter.

4.     New mobile seating units. The trial with the 2 new mobile seating units was successful so we have ordered another 10 units. They will have slightly more leg room than the first 2, but will be similar. They are due to arrive late March/early April. They are a significant improvement on the old wooden seating (although they can’t be as high due to H & S regulations) and again, at nearly $4K a unit, not a cheap exercise.

5.     Mobile Sound System.We have purchased a new mobile sound system, that can be used on courts for presentations etc. It can also play music. If you would like to use it please contact us.

6.     Arena sound system and Main Hall sound system repaired/upgraded. Both these areas now have fully functional, and in the case of the main hall upgraded, sound systems. Announcements will now be much clearer.

Waitangi Day Hours

28th November 2016

Waitangi Day Hours

Here are the reduced hours for Waitangi Day. We are open from 9am-7pm throughout the day.

Please ring 4561200 to make a booking during these hours. 

Mrs Brownz Boys

7th November 2016

Mrs Brownz Boys

Our sensational Christmas Show is back! See our Event listing for details.

New Baby Change Facilities

3rd May 2016

We have recently installed two baby changing tables at our Centre. One is in the female disabled toilet in the main hall, and the other is a uni-sex one in one of the shower rooms by the Arena. 

Open for Business, and Sport, at Easter

24th March 2016

We are open every day this Easter. The only change is a 6 pm closeure Friday NIght instead of the normal 8pm. Come in and play. 

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